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GameFi | Pixels Game Research

What is Pixels#

Pixels is an open-world farming and exploration game inspired by everyone's childhood memories of games like "Stardew Valley" and "Dream Journey". The game focuses on Play-To-Earn, allowing players to collect resources, improve skills, build relationships, and immerse themselves in the experience of managing, creating, and exploring freely.

  • Farming and Exploration

  • Land Ownership and Farming: Players who own land can earn crop profits and share a portion of the crop's yield. Land ownership also brings special benefits both in and out of the game, such as skill acquisition and land customization.

  • Planting and Harvesting: The game mechanics mainly involve planting and harvesting. Players perform actions such as planting, watering, and fertilizing, with different crops having different growth cycles and tool requirements.

  • Farming Tools and Land Economy: Players need various tools for farming activities, while landowners can customize their land and share resources.



Free and rented plots are mainly single-player game instances, and players' farms cannot be seen by visitors. Players can access the game's features without owning a land NFT.

Free Plots: Also known as Specks, these are the most basic type, allowing players to engage in basic agricultural activities. Free plots do not offer many features and provide much lower yields compared to other types.

Rented Plots: Rented plots offer players more freedom, better yields, and decoration space, but their drawback is that players must rent them, resulting in the confiscation of most bonuses.

Owned Plots: Owned plots provide players with additional space, features, and the highest income/returns among all types of plots. Owned plots have two variants, namely Small Owned NFT and Large Owned NFT, each with its corresponding level of income.

Collaborative NFT Integration#


BAYC Can Walk in the World

Pixels' tools allow for local integration with other projects, including tokens, land NFTs, utility NFTs, and PFP NFTs. Currently, Pixels has integrated over 50 NFT brands for in-game avatars, including BAYC, Crypto Phunks, and more.

List of integrated projects:


Total volume: 15,562 ETH

Floor price: 1.6594 ETH

Owners (Unique): 1,995


NFT on the ETH Chain



Tokens on the Ronin Chain

The three rounds of private placement prices are: 0.005, 0.009, 0.012U

Token Information:

Circulating Supply: 771,041,667 PIXEL

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 PIXEL

Market Cap: $450,402,915.866

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $2,920,743,035.96

Pixels' token economy is divided into three categories, covering free plots, rented plots, and owned plots, each with different earning power and resource output. The tokens include $Berry and $Pixels, which have various uses such as land purchase, construction acceleration, energy replenishment, unlocking special items, etc.

Daily Supply and Allocation

Every day, 100,000 new $PIXEL will be minted and distributed to active players who actively contribute to the Pixels ecosystem. Allocation methods include completing tasks, finding specific items, etc., aiming to incentivize positive behavior.

Pixels adopts a dual-token system, namely BERRY and PIXEL. Both tokens are intended to have no upper limit on total supply, and each currency unlocks different utility tools with different acquisition methods.


$BERRY is the primary circulating currency in Pixels and is crucial to the core game loop. It is easily accessible and can be earned effortlessly in the game.

In the early stages of the game, $BERRY can be obtained through in-game shops. Players will be able to sell the resources they generate to our in-game shop in exchange for $BERRY.

The main burning mechanism is to drive players' further development in the game loop by purchasing in-game items, unlocking new industries, activities, areas, tasks, and content. Even players without land ownership need $BERRY to maintain their land.

Pixels has several levers to adjust the input supply of $BERRY, including controlling resource generation (adjusting resource replenishment time, input required to generate resources, output of given resources, effort to harvest granular resources, and energy required to perform certain actions) and adjusting the prices in the in-game shop.

In the future, Pixels may limit or even remove the in-game shop, completely stopping the minting of new $BERRY.


$PIXEL is the premium currency in the game used for purchasing items, upgrading, and enhancing appearances that are not part of Pixels' core game loop and are harder to obtain. Players will acquire $PIXEL for higher-demand purposes, such as saving game time and improving social status.

Unlike $BERRY, the supply of $PIXEL will be strictly controlled and predictable. There will be 100,000 new $PIXEL minted every day. These new $PIXEL will then be distributed to active players who exhibit expected behavioral patterns beneficial to the Pixels ecosystem.

A significant portion of $PIXEL allocation is achieved through a daily reward system for completing various tasks, missions, or finding specific items. The team will also reward other behaviors, such as creating unique user-generated content, incentivizing more user participation, community interaction, etc.

Premium items will be available for purchase in the in-game shop, and the shop will not repurchase goods. The proceeds will be sent to a treasury managed by Pixels, and Pixels may burn a significant portion of the proceeds daily.

Registration and Login Module#


Points to note:

  • Supports phone number login (verification via Whatsapp or phone verification code)
  • Email serves as the unique identifier
  • Supports direct login with wallets (provided there is an account and it is linked to a wallet)
  • Wallets supported: Metamask and Ronin official wallet
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