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AI-generated PPT (GPT + Mindshow, iFLYTEK Zhiwen)

This article Map: AI-generated PPT

I recently finished writing the final paper for this semester's course and hope to quickly generate a PPT from the article. I am open to making modifications.

What I have:

  • Complete content
  • Basic structure (article structure)

What I need:

  • Support for English
  • Ability to extract key content
  • Automatic organization of outline and content
  • Presentable formatting and style

ChatGPT + Mindshow#

Extracting content and organizing outline with ChatGPT#

First, input the content of the paper into ChatGPT and instruct it to organize the outline and output it in Markdown format.


The output effect is decent, but a bit verbose.


AI-generated PPT with Auto-generated SlidesMake Slides Easy

Features provided:

  • Theme generation
  • Importing content

Since I already have my own content, I chose to import it. However, it seems that most of these AI-generated PPT tools focus on theme generation. I can't think of many situations where you would need to generate a PPT theme for a presentation. Most of the time, don't you prepare the content first and then create the PPT? Just a small doubt.


Supported import formats:

  • Markdown
  • Word
  • Logseq




There are a large number of paid themes, and you can also filter for free themes, which should be sufficient.


For each page of the PPT, you can change or add content, and the content and position on the PPT will be automatically adjusted accordingly. You can also choose different layouts, which should meet most of the PPT layout needs.

Export or presentation#

You can choose to export the PPT or PDF, or start the presentation directly by clicking Slideshow.

iFLYTEK Zhiwen#

iFLYTEK Zhiwen is an AI document creation platform launched by iFLYTEK. It is based on the iFLYTEK Starfire cognitive model and supports various content formats, including one-sentence themes, long texts, audio, and video.

The official website provides a simple introduction to the website's features. It can be seen that the main focus is on generating PPT with one click, and the aesthetics and user experience are better than those of foreign websites.


  • Theme creation: Input a one-sentence theme and quickly turn your ideas into a PPT document. AI rewriting can be done to improve the document content according to your needs.
  • Text creation: Supports input of up to 8000 characters of long text. AI helps you summarize, split, and refine, ultimately generating highly relevant PPT documents.

Since I already have my own content, I chose text creation, which is supported by the platform for up to 5000 characters.

There is an interesting point that it supports eleven languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, etc., greatly enhancing its practicality.

In other words, no matter what language you import, it can recognize and support generating the language you want.

After recognition, it will generate an outline. If you are not satisfied, you can choose to regenerate it. You can also add or delete content in each section. You can also directly modify it as an outline software. Once you feel it's fine, you can move on to the next step.

You can choose themes and color schemes. After taking a look, there are official themes displayed. I guess they will soon introduce user-customized templates.

Then you enter the PPT editing page. The generated style is pretty good, but there is a bit of repetition in terms of layout for multiple points. However, it is still usable. One drawback is that you can't reproduce the layout selection form yourself (I guess it will be updated later), and you can only change the template color scheme as a whole.

Each text editing module can be clicked on the AI button on the right to beautify, shorten, continue writing, and generate.

The empty image area can also be clicked, and a picture generation module will appear, which will recommend image generation prompts based on the current module's content. The 50 free daily generations are completely sufficient.

The integration of domestic app solutions is really good. Every step feels smooth and very user-friendly. iFLYTEK Zhiwen has just been launched and has a promising future.

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