👨🏻‍💻工作:Web3 产品经理 🏙️城市:香港 🧩性格:INFP 最近在做 GameFi,能赚钱的游戏

About Me

🔖 Tag: Web3 Product Manager, Computer Science Major, INFP, Vegetarian

⏳ Timeline:

✨ Ranked at the bottom in junior high school, made a comeback to a top-tier university in the last three months

✨ Studied computer science in college, joined software clubs to overcome shyness, participated in team competitions

✨ Worked in the database industry for two years in new media operations, then transitioned to open-source community operations

✨ Became a Web3 DEX Product Manager a year ago, worked on NFT, PFP, Swap, GameFi

✨ Recently joined a gaming company to work on GameFi + App (Web3 Product Manager)

✨ Planning to study in Hong Kong in September while continuing to work

☺️ Personality:

✨ Very introverted (but becomes extroverted with familiarity), able to overcome it

✨ Genuine towards others, leading to only two types of relationships: lifelong close friends and acquaintances

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